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World Introvert Day

Today is supposedly World Introvert Day. As midnight approaches, we could say the party is nearly over … and, as an introvert, I should be okay with this. I’ll happily sit here in the dark of our apartment and write up a few thoughts regarding introversion.

— 30 minutes later —

Well, as I began to write and consider the introverted life, I found that I have some significant thoughts I need to wade through. Just like an introvert, huh? I’ve cut and pasted those thoughts into a draft post. They need to be sussed out, more deeply explored and more succinctly expressed. You’ll have to wait for those – and maybe a while.

For now, I can leave you with a few comics. Oh, introversion, what a wreck you can make of life – and what beauty.

P.S. The painted flower above is one of Aelah’s recent creations. Beautiful, right?


Into 2017

Entering 2016, I posted a list of where I wanted my attentions to be. I fell ridiculously short. Now, entering 2017, I’ve not even given much thought to such a list. However, the word create keeps returned to me. I’ll hold this word close as we live into a new year. I hope to play songs I’ve written and to write a few new … to journal, blog, write poetry … to take on more web development work and help others tell their story online … and to take up some other hobby that would allow me to craft beautiful things.

And, as I enjoyed the short-lived Instagram challenge of last year and have been recently inspired by an online friend at, I want to take on a similar challenge this year. I will begin documenting each day with at least 10 seconds of video footage. I think my preferred medium for this will be (live) video via Twitter. If you want to follow along, you can connect with me @uamv or click Recent Tweets above.

Here’s a short clip from our time at The Works with the Meier family today.

Creation #1: a foam block castle.

As we enter 2017 and God says, “Let there be,” may we so image Him.

Happy new year!

P.S. If you know of anyone looking for a website, send them my way or direct them to my Typewheel site.


That was a close one! Enjoyed some gaming tonight with Pascal – pingpong and cribbage.

Another Isaiah

It’s true.

We’ve another baby on the way!

We’ve known for several weeks, but have only just slowly been letting the news out. Adrienne had a visit to the midwife today and heard a healthy heartbeat of 157. A few weeks ago, after telling the kids, Simeon drew our family and, when having Adrienne label us, he pointed to the dot in her tummy as “another Isaiah.”


Drawing of our family w/ Pip IV by Simeon

This little one is at 12 weeks today with a due date of June 15. So, still too early to determine boy or girl (and not sure whether we’ll find out). I suppose we’ll start welcoming name suggestions.

Some of you know that we currently live in a small apartment. What does this mean for our living arrangement? I suppose something … though it’s still up in the air. We do know that adding one to the joyful chaos of three growing kids presses this issue to the forefront for us. We welcome you to come alongside us as we pray into this and we’ll keep you updated. Trusting God, we remain alert to the horizon and faithful to the task before us.

Join us again in praising God as He fills our quiver with this blessing of life.

Into the Deep of Night

Tell me you know those times when all you can do is keep yourself awake into the lengthening night – clinging to a vague expectation of something new. But, if you really awoke and spoke to yourself honestly, you’d find that it’s like waiting on snow in summertime. There is only One who will bring that new thing and it doesn’t come in the dead of night. There is only one who will bring awakening and it comes on the burning edge of dawn.

He is not slack regarding His promises. In eagerness and longing, even in despair may we wait, but He will come in the fullness of time … in His time.

We sang these words this morning…

For the glory of the Lord
Now o’er earth is shed abroad,
And all flesh shall see the token
That His Word is never broken.

When we wait, Lord, remember us.

Hello, Fall!

Sometimes, it’s difficult to say where a year has gone. This one has come along so quickly. Here we are … fall. As a family, we’ve plenty to keep us on the move. As I was writing friends the other day, I began listing a few of the things we have to tend to over the coming couple weeks. Here’s a glimpse…

  • Our pastor’s last Sunday, before taking up his call in Illinois, is this weekend.
  • Initial interviews in our general director search begin.
  • Launching a new website for Camp Lutherhaven by the first week of November.
  • Re-theming of another website.
  • My top two wisdom teeth will be extracted next Friday.
  • Family in town for my 39th birthday and Isaiah’s 1st.
  • November challenge night at the Prayer League.
  • Enjoying of an historic World Series.
  • Usual day-to-day life with three little kids.

I trust that God has these days in His hands. He is good. Would you please join us in prayer – that God might keep us and strengthen us for the way? May we each find opportunity to slow ourselves enough to embrace the small moments – to capture a memory. May you be kept faithful to the people and place God has called you today and may your remain attentive to His moving in your midst.

Edit (October 31, 2016): To this list you can add all that needs to be dealt with after having your vehicle rear-ended. Thankfully, all the kids seem well. Adrienne has some aggravated back pain. Assessment on the vehicle is still out.

Our Brilliant Heritage


The mystery of sanctification is ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory.’

Over and over and over again, it is this one point to which Oswald Chambers brings us — sanctification (i.e., the making holy of our lives) is no thing for which we strive and no thing to which we might reach out and grasp; rather, it is the life of Christ Himself which indwells His beloved children – a brilliance in which we are bathed – a living reality in which we partake. To look at it another way: to follow Jesus is not to “live up” to an example, but to “be led” by a holy spirit – the Holy Spirit.

Do you strive? Do you aim after a holy and pure life that might glorify the name of Jesus and yet often find yourself failing – frustrated? The best thing you can do is give up and give it over to God. It is not your work to be done – it is a work that has been done. It is not your life to live – it is a life that has been lived. Surrender yourself. Lay it down and bask in our brilliant heritage.

Do I desire holiness more than any other thing … that my motives, heart, life, everything in me, should be as pure as God wants it to be?

Do we long for holiness? Are the deepest desires of our hearts Godward?

Whenever Paul speaks of sanctification, he speaks of it as an impartation, never as an imitation. Never!

Father, in the Name of Jesus, baptise me with the Holy Ghost and fire until sanctification is made real in my life.

Some of us have never allowed God to make us understand how hopeless we are without Jesus Christ.

Sanctification means that we are taken into a mystical union which language cannot define.

It is one thing to realise in speechless wonder, when the heart is attuned to an impulse of worship, what the claim of God is and another thing to tell God that we want Him to realise His claim in us.What the heart of Jesus wanted most was God’s glory, and sanctification means that that same desire is imparted to us.

Our Lord never pried into His Father’s secrets, neither will the saint.

Reflect On1 Timothy 3:16, Colossian 1:12-17,27-29
Praise Godfor the light of His love and life.
Offer Thanksthat He has shed His grace upon you.
Confessyour self-striving to “live up” to His example.
Ask Godthat His Spirit might overwhelm you.
Comment:What practices might help posture us to know His presence as reality?


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