Simeon has begun asking “Why?” with great determination. Yesterday at dinner was the first time I heard his firm inquiry. I don’t think he’s yet waiting for a reasoned answer, but he’s definitely got the question down.

As I began reading Subterranean by Dan White Jr., I stopped for a while to think on this statement in the preface:

In considering this statement (along with Simeon’s entry into the “world of why”), I’ve decided that, in addition these intentions for 2016, I also want to ask better (and more) questions.

A picture is worth a thousand words – if we allow it to speak. Do we ask questions that allow the truth of a matter to emerge among us?

In the interest of tackling two of my 2016 intentions with one go, I’ll be posting a daily Instagram photo (often of some mundane thing) accompanied by a caption that poses a question. I plan to continue posting family photos and such here on the blog. I’ll probably cross-post many of the Instagram photos to Twitter and Facebook. If you want to join me on this journey, you can follow at