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? Instagram Questions❓

Simeon has begun asking “Why?” with great determination. Yesterday at dinner was the first time I heard his firm inquiry. I don’t think he’s yet waiting for a reasoned answer, but he’s definitely got the question down. As I began reading Subterranean by Dan White Jr., I stopped for a while to think on this statement in the preface: […]

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New Shepard ?

This. Is. Amazing! Hello, future! It’s been a long way, but we’re here. – Alan Shepard Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle successfully flew to space, reaching its planned test altitude of 329,839 feet (100.5 kilometers) before executing a historic landing back at the launch site in West Texas. They say any landing you can […]

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How to Watch Baseball in 2015

Was just able to watch the game tying home run on @periscopeco ?⚾️ — Ua Vandercar (@UaMV) October 28, 2015 We don’t have TV, so this is how I’m following the World Series. For video of the game, I used my phone to follow broadcasts via Periscope. The above clip shows the final play […]

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Append a Series List to Posts

The End To present a list showing all posts from a single series of related writings. A Solution This can be accomplished in a myriad of ways. A quick look at the plugin repository shows that most plugins for series management utilize some taxonomy to accomplish post relations. This is a good and natural solution, especially for […]

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Strange Fruit

WordPress has always named releases in honor of jazz musicians. Often, after the release of a new version, I will search YouTube for a playlist of the artist being honored. I’ll then give my attention to the first song before moving on to update the few sites I manage. Released today, WordPress 4.3 honors Billie Holiday. The first song in […]

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WMPL Logo Using SVG

I delved into SVG this evening. Moving forward, I’ll probably more methodically learn the language. Tonight instead, I wanted to see something quick to creation. As a first project, I have drawn the World Mission Prayer League logo. This logo is created with only about 600 bytes of data needing to be passed to your browser. Pretty slick! I […]

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⭐ Favoriting Tweets

I’ve been experimenting with my Twitter use lately. People use social media in such a great variety of ways and can have quite differing philosophies on how to most effectively connect and engage with others. Many people subscribe to the following when it comes to ⭐ing Tweets: Twitter tip of the year: "Favorite" tweets liberally, not sparingly. […]

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Pinterest Alphabetizing Sort Button w/ Arrow

Alphabetizing Pinterest Boards

Lately, my wife, Adrienne, has lamented over so many sites online that just don’t work well. A latest frustration was with managing boards on Pinterest. Specifically, she was pining for a way in which to alphabetize boards. Finding no solid solutions online, I determined I’d make my own. Follow along and you will be alphabetizing your Pinterest boards […]

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I only just installed Currently, a Chrome extension, this morning, but am finding it to be a more pleasant and useful experience than the default New Tab screen. Rarely would I use the recent tabs provided on the default screen. Currently, however, is a nice way to regularly track the current time as I work – keeping me […]

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NeuBible, with its focus on thoughtful design, is my new go-to Bible app. As excited as I am about the upcoming Bible app update from YouVersion, the speed, intuitiveness, and accessibility of NeuBible far surpass any other app I’ve tried – making it great for Bible studies, services, devotions, and general reading. I will still use YouVersion’s Bible app for […]

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Pleasantly Encouraged

I’ve been back in the States for nearly two weeks now. After a short stay in Minneapolis, I made my way to Indiana and family – a good reunion! We’ve had a great time reconnecting with folks whom we’ve not seen in quite some time. As my family passes through your town, your home, or your day, I have been encouraged. Many […]

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How I Will Tweet in 2015

  I first joined Twitter in June 2012 and I don’t think I’ve yet left the nest. I can’t remember why I first joined. I think it was because I knew my work at WMPL would require a personal presence on the platform. Like any novice to a social site, my first year was littered […]

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How I Plan to Check My Email

In the days leading up to 2015, I undertook a massive overhaul of my email and task management. I’ve already begun to see returns. Previously Since beginning work at the Prayer League, I had been using a single Gmail account to manage both personal and work messages. Three active accounts were being funneled into a […]

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Digital Disaster

These past couple weeks have been rough when it comes to the digital realm and me. If work didn’t demand it, I would probably not be on speaking terms with most of the devices in our home … maybe I’d go bury them in the snow. I may have already mentioned my phone – for […]

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