I’ve been back in the States for nearly two weeks now. After a short stay in Minneapolis, I made my way to Indiana and family – a good reunion! We’ve had a great time reconnecting with folks whom we’ve not seen in quite some time. As my family passes through your town, your home, or your day, I have been encouraged. Many of you have shared that you were following along with my travels while I was out of country. Thank you for doing so! It is good to know that you are with us and that you pray for our service. I hope you have been encouraged by my random ponderings, the stories I share, and photos from my day. I hope my ramblings have not been too incohorent. I often find that my writing is a way of sorting my thoughts. Happy to have you along for the ride.

I still wrestle with how I’d like to shape this little virtual home on the internet. I hope that I can continue to use it as a place to sort my thoughts, gather memories, share life, and sketch ideas. I’ve enjoyed following John Saddington’s blog. He recently gave up social media and has, in many ways, made john.do his sole online home. I’d like to go a similar route moving forward. Though I won’t likely be leaving Facebook or Twitter soon (as much of my work with the Prayer League demands that I maintain accounts), I do want to work toward posting more updates, links, resourse, quotes, etc. here at vandercar.net rather than on those other platforms. If you’re one of the few email subscribers here, I hope you don’t mind me visiting your inbox a bit more regularly. And, if you’d ever like to suggest a topic on which I might write, drop me a line.

Many thanks to those who visit here! It is great to have you stop by and it is encouraging to know that you are walking alongside us, though it be from afar.