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VanderVlog • Vol. 1

One of my small endeavors this year is to microvlog. Every day, I intend to capture a small snippet of video. I’ve done well. There have been days that I’ve nearly reached bedtime and realized that I’d not yet captured any moments. Overall, however, I have been able to find a few moments each day to document. […]

Back Home Again in Indiana

I recently shared some bittersweet news with folks here at the Prayer League during morning prayer. Some of our family and friend are also aware of these upcoming changes. As our family aims to remain faithful to God’s call, we will be moving on from our current position of involvement with the Prayer League and will take up a new […]

Walls & Words, Salvation & Silence

We’ve been reading through Zechariah during Wednesday morning Bible study at the Prayer League. I’ve read this book a number of times and have always been struck with wonder and beauty. Two images struck me this week as we considered this vision that met Zechariah in the night. Then I raised my eyes and looked, […]

World Introvert Day

Today is supposedly World Introvert Day. As midnight approaches, we could say the party is nearly over … and, as an introvert, I should be okay with this. I’ll happily sit here in the dark of our apartment and write up a few thoughts regarding introversion. — 30 minutes later — Well, as I began to […]

Into 2017

Entering 2016, I posted a list of where I wanted my attentions to be. I fell ridiculously short. Now, entering 2017, I’ve not even given much thought to such a list. However, the word create keeps returned to me. I’ll hold this word close as we live into a new year. I hope to play songs I’ve written and to write […]

Another Isaiah

It’s true. We’ve another baby on the way! We’ve known for several weeks, but have only just slowly been letting the news out. Adrienne had a visit to the midwife today and heard a healthy heartbeat of 157. A few weeks ago, after telling the kids, Simeon drew our family and, when having Adrienne label us, […]

Into the Deep of Night

Tell me you know those times when all you can do is keep yourself awake into the lengthening night – clinging to a vague expectation of something new. But, if you really awoke and spoke to yourself honestly, you’d find that it’s like waiting on snow in summertime. There is only One who will bring […]

Hello, Fall!

Sometimes, it’s difficult to say where a year has gone. This one has come along so quickly. Here we are … fall. As a family, we’ve plenty to keep us on the move. As I was writing friends the other day, I began listing a few of the things we have to tend to over the […]

Our Brilliant Heritage

The mystery of sanctification is ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory.’ Over and over and over again, it is this one point to which Oswald Chambers brings us — sanctification (i.e., the making holy of our lives) is no thing for which we strive and no thing to which we might reach out and grasp; […]

The Highest Good

What is the meaning of life? This is the primary question that Oswald Chambers addresses in The Highest Good. Our conceptions of all things are meager, at best. Our perceptions of reality are finitely bound. At its core, faith is a simple thing. How long does it take us to know what the true meaning of our […]

Listening to Least-Heard Voices

#BlackLivesMatter while society roils on. This fallen world in which fallen people feign control is ripe for the redemptive message. From Ignorance Do you pause when someone tells you that black lives matter? If so, consider why this is the case. I hope any pause would come not from disagreement with this simple and true statement. Realize that the […]

Nations Suffer & Christians Hope

Overwhelmed. Grieved. It is in times like these that we might begin to grasp the depth of human depravity and the undeniable need of a Savior. The nations suffer beneath the weight of broken and misguided hearts. Yet, stories and dreams tell of another weight – a weight unbearable and beautiful. So, we call upon the name of the […]


Today’s Moravian Daily Texts speak of fear and of courage. The king of Israel, the Lord, is in your midst; you shall fear disaster no more. (Zephaniah 3:15) Keep alert, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:13) The world is rife with opportunity to exercise fear … or courage. God does not say […]

Talks on the Soul of a Christian

Jesus Christ’s entering in means absolute chaos concerning the way I have been looking at things, a turning of everything upside down. It took some time, but I’ve made it through another. This book seemed to have less of a common thread running throughout, though the quotation above may capture it best. Reading again through […]

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