Giving to Our Mission

It is our pleasure to serve with a mission organization that sets its priorities so that the message of Jesus may go out unhindered. The World Mission Prayer League operates without budget and under an impetus of non-solicitation. It is enough to serve the Lord.

We pray that God’s vision and call might be known among us and trust His provision for the work He sees fit to accomplish. The Prayer League has been operating, as such for 75 years.

The Mission firmly believes that the promises of God in the Scriptures and his faithfulness are sufficient grounds for obeying his call to missionary service … many years ago Hudson Taylor of the China Inland Mission expressed an attitude of faith which fits well the position of the Mission when he wrote, “God’s man, in God’s place, doing God’s work, in God’s way, will never lack God’s supply.” (Handbook 127)

Currently, His call for our family is to serve at the home offices of the Prayer League. Joshua serves as IT & eMedia Manager. His work includes developing the mission’s web presence through, social media, missionary blogs, e-newsletters, etc. and maintaining portions of our office computer system. Adrienne serves on the homefront with our daughter, Aelah, and our two sons, Simeon and Isaiah. Her tasks range from this to that, and everything in between!

We thank you for your past partnership in our call to missionary service.  Your giving, in prayer, time, resources, and encouraging words, has been a rich blessing to our family and to those we’ve encountered throughout the years.

If you feel called to financially support our current work, you can give to our support fund (monthly allowance, benefits, and daily living expenses) or to our ministry fund (specially designated fund for travel and other ministry-related expenses).

Start your online donation here.

Personal Giving

If you have need or desire to give to us for purposes not directly related to our mission, you can do so here.