Today is supposedly World Introvert Day. As midnight approaches, we could say the party is nearly over … and, as an introvert, I should be okay with this. I’ll happily sit here in the dark of our apartment and write up a few thoughts regarding introversion.

— 30 minutes later —

Well, as I began to write and consider the introverted life, I found that I have some significant thoughts I need to wade through. Just like an introvert, huh? I’ve cut and pasted those thoughts into a draft post. They need to be sussed out, more deeply explored and more succinctly expressed. You’ll have to wait for those – and maybe a while.

For now, I can leave you with a few comics. Oh, introversion, what a wreck you can make of life – and what beauty.

P.S. The painted flower above is one of Aelah’s recent creations. Beautiful, right?