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On This MLK Day

This article, The Degenerating Notion of Nobodiness, is brilliantly written. In his letter from a Birmingham jail, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. responded to fellow American clergy who were asking him to wait for a better time to pursue the cause of justice in the South. “Perhaps it is easy for those who have never felt the […]

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Plus One Equals Six

Here’s the sixth month of microvlogging for the year. Our family grows from five to six. Oh, what a wild life. In editing, I found that Aelah is highlighted quite often this month. I’ll have to put some more focus on the boys here in July. Enjoy!

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Sliding Into Home

Do I even need to begin writing about this past month? It was a pesky one and oh, how slow some things seemed. Let’s put it this way – patience and faith were exercised. In the end, we found ourselves home. Let me mentioned briefly the editing of this video. For some reason, when the […]

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The Roar of the Winds is the Sound of a Psalm

Though I go on in the center of trouble, you will revive me. You will stretch out your hand against the attack of my enemies and Your power will save. —Psalm 138:7 Oh, April … what a month you’ve been! My good friend, Brian Shilts, released an album this month and gave me permission to use […]

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A House As A Home

Until a few months ago, we had never thought we’d be purchasing a house. Yet, as we found God clearing the way for our move to Fort Wayne, it seemed home ownership would be a wise financial decision. Thus began our search for a house. A few days ago, I began writing an extensive post about our […]

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Keep Moving

Oy! March! I think this video does a decent job of capturing the scattered circus. What it doesn’t capture is the crazed Fort Wayne housing market in which houses are sold only hours after being listed. We continue our search. The new Pip (i.e. person in progress) arrives in about 10 weeks! Praying for some settling before then. […]

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Hitherto, God…

You can tell life is upon us like a thunderstorm when any regularly blogging is swept away. We’ve been overwhelmed with activities, transitions, and emotions this month. More and more I have found it important to keep up with this microvlogging. I have found that in the midst of so much daily go-go, taking an […]

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VanderVlog • Vol. 1

One of my small endeavors this year is to microvlog. Every day, I intend to capture a small snippet of video. I’ve done well. There have been days that I’ve nearly reached bedtime and realized that I’d not yet captured any moments. Overall, however, I have been able to find a few moments each day to document. […]

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Back Home Again in Indiana

I recently shared some bittersweet news with folks here at the Prayer League during morning prayer. Some of our family and friend are also aware of these upcoming changes. As our family aims to remain faithful to God’s call, we will be moving on from our current position of involvement with the Prayer League and will take up a new […]

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Walls & Words, Salvation & Silence

We’ve been reading through Zechariah during Wednesday morning Bible study at the Prayer League. I’ve read this book a number of times and have always been struck with wonder and beauty. Two images struck me this week as we considered this vision that met Zechariah in the night. Then I raised my eyes and looked, […]

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