This Sunday, we are looking at the transfiguration of Jesus. As I was considering this revelation of His glory and the words God speaks over His child, a song I had written several years ago based on Psalm 29 came to mind. I took the chorus and a few of the other lyrics and reworked into this. May it bless you today.

“This is My Child, My Beloved One”
With a word of Truth He has come

So, heed these things He speaks
Follow in the way He leads
Let life awaken from the deep
That the nations may see
His glory

Give unto the Lord, O you mighty ones
Give unto the Lord, glory and strength
Give unto the Lord, the glory due His name
Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness

The voice of the Lord is speaking now
Shaking our hearts with peace and power

Your voice breaks the cedars, divides the flames of fire
Shaking the wilderness, the deer gives birth
Your voice on the waters with an awe-full power
Strip bare the trees and everyone in your temple

You can find the chords here.