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New Light

When a new light shines upon the mundane, we are awakened from the stupor of our commonplace. A refreshing storm rolled through this morning. It swept the countryside with deep shades of wonder. Lord, when our lives seem beset by storm and the clouds are ready to let loose, may we still look out upon Your […]

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This Year

Dave & JJ Heller wrote a song for the new year. They asked folks to cover it. Here’s my contribution. The God who was faithful last year will again and ever be faithful this year. Remember, adventures await in these fields that we know.

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A New Rich Mullins' Song

We spent the eve of the new year with Jenna & Pascal playing a few games of Carcassonne, finishing off left-over Christmas cookies, and enjoying a few brews from what is becoming our annual brother beer exchange. As midnight neared, I visited my computer to flip the album, as it were, and find some new tunes […]

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Honing Skills

As you can see from the image and the video, Aelah has been busy honing her skills and exercising both sides of her brain. This morning she was reconstructing the layout of our dining room. Whether she had the mind toward interior design or architectural drafting is yet to be determined. And last night, as […]

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Lifting the Nations

During our initial days in fellowship with the Prayer League, we heard much regarding the work that is being done throughout the world by WMPL missionaries.  And we prayed for that work.  Through this practice of daily, consistent, and intensive prayer, i was inspired to write the following song.  May it encourage you to lift […]

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