We spent the eve of the new year with Jenna & Pascal playing a few games of Carcassonne, finishing off left-over Christmas cookies, and enjoying a few brews from what is becoming our annual brother beer exchange. As midnight neared, I visited my computer to flip the album, as it were, and find some new tunes to usher in the new year. Among the files that survived our recent digital disaster, was the album Songs from Rich Mullins. Yes, that’ll do just fine – more than fine.

There is a good deal of music that I’ve not listened to in a long time, but that doesn’t mean it has lost its power. The voice and lyrics of Rich Mullins pierce me every time it finds my ear. And, with him freshly on my mind, I did some small searching yesterday and happened upon this song (which I had never heard), performed only two weeks before his death. I encourage you to also visit the YouTube page and read the story found in the description.

If you’re not familiar with Rich Mullins, I strongly encourage you to look him up. You are missing out if you don’t. Andrew Peterson has some great words regarding Rich, with which I resonate well.

This video also challenges me to live each moment this year. It is in the now that we will glimpse eternity. Keep your heart attentive, for we can’t know what chance encounters await this year.