Yesterday, we took an afternoon trip to Hout Bay. We primarily wanted to pray over the community (specifically one of the colored neighborhoods) and seek God’s further guidance for freeWord connections within Cape Town. This was a community that had long ago been identified as a possible connection point for freeWord. Actually, if the compelling Malawi opportunities had not come about over these past years, this is the community in which Dieter and Angi would have desired to begin work in Cape Town. I think God is leading back to this place. We trust in God’s timing and direction. We know it is for some reason that He has led on such a roundabout path. We consider that He may very well still have some place for Malawi alongside this work of freeWord. What work of preparation He has been about, we may not soon know. Please, join us in prayer for these neighborhoods in Hout Bay. May a word of truth be spoken here mad find welcome in the hearts of those here. It is a neighborhood that is under an economic burden and sees a deal of crime. May healing come. We are looking to attend Sunday service this weekend in the neighborhoods. May God provide good connections and foundations for further relationship.

The video here shows us driving along the fringes of the neighborhood, trying to find the right road that’d lead us through.