We don’t have TV, so this is how I’m following the World Series.

For video of the game, I used my phone to follow broadcasts via Periscope. The above clip shows the final play of the game – a win for the Royals. At any time, there seemed to be 2-3 streams I could pop into – each from a different position in the ballpark. There were often 20-200 other people viewing each stream. The biggest challenge for those streaming was preserving battery life of their phones – especially into the 14th! The quality was not the greatest, but it was fun to be in the seats, to hear the crowd, listen in on conversations, and feel the energy.

For commentary on the game, I followed Twitter Moments’ Game 1 – a curated feed of Tweets including play-by-play, stats, reactions, replays, etc. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would take to the recent introduction of Twitter’s Moments feature. More and more, I’m finding an appreciation for it.

I also tracked the game somewhat via ESPN’s MLB Gamecast, but it was nearly a minute behind the live action, so didn’t add much.


I was watching the game by myself, but both these outlets allowed me to engage and connect with others during the game, which made it enjoyable. I likened it to gathering around the radio, as they would have in olden days. A nice way to follow a game. I’d still prefer a TV broadcast or sitting in the seats myself, but it works.

Tonight, maybe I’ll visit New York for a bit. Who are you pulling for this year?