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Is This a Blog Post?

I think there is a misunderstanding among internet folk these days. It may be that even you are unwittingly mistaken. Is this a blog post? A collection of thoughts from one man regarding a particular topic – a commentary or opinion on the current definition of what it means to blog online. In my estimation, I would not consider this […]

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This Is Why I Tweet

Several months ago, I began writing a post titled Social Media Migration, in which I was outlining why I have begun engaging more with folks on Twitter and less with those on Facebook. Among the first reasons listed were a simple & clean interface, focused functionality, content control, and speed. As yesterday came to a close, I […]

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Filtering the Link Modal Query

A member site I manage has a significant amount of protected content that has a private post status and is made available to members of a specific role via use of the capability read_private_posts. I often want to link to these posts but am unable to easily do so because of the following: The Limitation […]

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WordCamp Minneapolis

This coming Saturday, I will be attending WordCamp Minneapolis for a second year. Additionally, on Sunday, during the WordPress Business Summit brunch (hosted at The Pourhouse), I have the humbling opportunity to give a ten minute lightning talk on behalf of Pressgram, the iOS photo app I’ve been pushing in recent months. I’m excited for the opportunity to teach again, but do […]

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On Hiding Images

Many themes these days have a tendency to prominently feature the featured image of a post. This is good. They are fulfilling their purpose. However, during development of the Pressgram plugin, I came to find that there was a demand, especially in the realm of photoblogging, to strip the image from the post content in […]

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Pulling Down Walls

As much as I enjoy poking around the admin of a WordPress site (especially now, as I begin to learn more and more about development), I have just been provided with a tool that will allow me to blog with greater ease. Oftentimes, as I sit down and attempt to write, I find myself distracted […]

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Members: Caps Lock

You may have been aware that, during the past year, I have been plunging somewhat headlong into WordPress development and making a few connections within the community. It’s been exciting and fun, and to be honest, a little addictive. I’ve learned that turning a concept to code can prove to be a complex task. There […]

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Fine Control of Pressgram

UPDATE (10.9.13) As of 10.8.13, the P*gram Fine Control plugin is no longer supported. All features provided by this plugin have been integrated into the official Pressgram plugin. Installing the official plugin? Be sure to deactivate & deleted P*gram Fine Control to eliminate any conflict. The following post is for all my friends in the […]

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First: Simplify

This is the first in a series of posts within which we shall explore what it means to authentically realize and manifest, with integrity, our Christian faith in the realm of social media. Step one? Simplify. Too often, when we think on the lifestyle of simplicity as it relates to the living out of the […]

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Social Media Mission: A New Frontier

When online, how do we keep the integrity of a walk worthy of the calling? (Ephesians 4) I have been wrestling around this very thought for the past 14 months. After having been called to service as Electronic Media Coordinator with World Mission Prayer League (WMPL), my online engagement increasingly stemmed from a professional and ministerial […]

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