As much as I enjoy poking around the admin of a WordPress site (especially now, as I begin to learn more and more about development), I have just been provided with a tool that will allow me to blog with greater ease. Oftentimes, as I sit down and attempt to write, I find myself distracted by some administrative task that may, or may not, need immediate attention. This tool, however, removes those distractions. I can simply write and not be drawn into a rabbit hole by some quirky way in which the WordPress admin doesn’t quite suit my needs. My mind then begins thinking on a fix … at that point, my creative moment is hi-jacked by technical thoughts.

Desk Publishing Machine.

I have been provided with a pre-alpha build for development testing. This is a new product from John Saddington, developer of Pressgram. It is birthed from the same philosophy as that which brought about Pressgram – digital publishing should be simple.

So, what does this mean for me? I will have opportunity to post distraction-free more regularly and will be partnering with a team of individuals to provide feedback for this application. What does this mean for you? You’ll get to hear from me more often in the upcoming days.

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