I think there is a misunderstanding among internet folk these days. It may be that even you are unwittingly mistaken.

Is this a blog post? A collection of thoughts from one man regarding a particular topic – a commentary or opinion on the current definition of what it means to blog online. In my estimation, I would not consider this a blog post. Sure, Wikipedia and some collective definition of the word ‘blog’ are sure to disagree with me.

To me, a blog is just that … a web log – a digital journal mapping my meanderings in life – a diary wrapped up in zeroes and ones. And yet, in most online social spheres, to say ‘blog’ would encompass any number of periodical publications on a site – archived resources, tutorial write-ups, critical reviews, opinion pieces, and the like. It would seem blogging has lost its logging.


Not Blogs

The past few days have found me struggling to express my thoughts. With a desire to give words to the mess in my mind, I’ve lost battle after battle to the blank page before me. The distinction I make above is one that will, I hope, free me from the burden of writer’s blockage.

My intake of so-called ‘blog’ articles has been on the rise in recent weeks. I have found myself overloaded with information, ideas, tutorials, and the like. With this overload, has come an urgent sense that I must get out, stop … breathe. For some long time I have known that I must return to regular journaling. This has not happened. And now, as I sit to write, I find myself trying to capture thoughts and craft words that might be proffered to the never satiated masses of the interwebz.

And so now, I must again resolve to blog. To simply write. To let my thoughts pour forth from mind to page. To reclaim the wonder and comfort of the word. And, if I find this not working, then I must maybe take the ‘b’ out of blogging, find a pen and some paper and keep some log of life. It keeps me sane to some degree, I think.

So, this is where I’m at today. Thinking back, I’m quite certain I’d find countless journal entries that began, “It’s been a while …” Well, it’s been a while. I think it’s time to write. I think I’ll find myself using the Private status of WordPress posting quite more often now. And, I don’t know … I suppose I might consider this a blog post of some psuedo- sort, huh?