Ah, my Lord. Life has kept me occupied these days. There is a longing within me … a deep well that thirsts for the filling. How is it that I have neglected Your grace, Your truth, and the comfort of Your words and the beauty of Your presence for such a long time. How is it that I have so long neglected speaking with you through the written word?

I have a family now. What blessing here You have given unto me. And yet, such great demand – such great responsibility. There is an intentionality that I must grasp in my spirituality these days. These earthly relationships, though of great import, will falter and fall far, if attention and energy is not given to You.

There is a sorrow and longing that has creeped into the space between You and me, between me and them. The empty spaces must be filled and so they will. Lord, let me again seek You out for the filling … and, more, for the ever abiding. Let me tread the barren land that has come upon this life. And, in those spaces, burn me again in Your refining gloriousness and raise me from the ashes. Daily death. Daily resurrection and life.

I must again give voice to these pleadings. That’s the place to start. God, grace me with wonder, hope, joy, and a vision of life budding anew … especially as winter descends. Amen.