Prayer: For opportunities to be an everyday missionary in our community.

Two weeks ago I wrote these thoughts from walking Minneapolis at night. That night, I encountered a longing to recommit myself to His everyday missionary cause in our city. How to move, then, from intention to action? God has a way with this. When He places such desires in our hearts, He will work to see them fruitful. Since that night, I have visited a coffee shop on two occasions. Before I continue, let me say that I can’t recall the last time I had a significant interaction while visiting a coffee shop. It’s most often sit, work, read, drink, leave.

However, during the first of these two visits, after having settled myself in for a day of work, another man about my age sat nearby and mentioned the slight rain that had begun. This led to a wide ranging conversation lasting one and a half hours. I think we were both blessed and encouraged by our time together. We shared contact information with hopes of continued relationship. After that morning, I thought, “God, bit by bit, You are showing me a way.”

The second visit was just last night. In need of a respite, Adrienne graciously settled the kids to bed while I walked to the local coffee shop. Having just entered the door, a lady stole my attention by asking if I know computers and whether I might assist her with an issue. At first, my heart sank a bit. I was ready for a relaxing evening, but had been called on for tech support. I quickly set aside my hesitation and worked with her to sort the issue. Thankfully, it took only small tinkering and a reboot. We had some small talk as we waited on the machine and, as I went to order a coffee, I thought, “God, You’re doing it again. Thanks for sticking with me.”

Both opportunities arose after prayers for greater community involvement. As an introvert, I am apt to let such opportune moments slip by. Join me in thanking God for orchestrating conversations with strangers. Pray that I remain attentive to His guidance day by day and that I am given courage to move where He moves.