My body has ached and I’ve felt off this past week. Best I can figure, I’ve allowed stress to waylay me. I can’t say that I’ve properly identified the cause of it all, but I can say that I (finally) took a few steps to remedy my ailments. I’ve attempted to distance myself for a bit from an overwhelming and incomplete task list (currently at 177 items!). I’ve devoted extra and intentional time to family. I’ve lazed with a few TED talks & the series Touch on Netflix. And, I’ve made it outside for a few midday walks.

I was, yesterday, awash with the beauty of autumn & song – peace to a harried life. Fall has always been a season that seems to get me. His mercies made new – even in the dying. There’s beauty in the fading and His glory abounds.

What a wonder to see this earth-born life drawn skyward!