If you’ve been following my #MissionText journey through the writings of Oswald Chambers, you may have noticed that I have not posted in several weeks. There are two reasons for this lapse and I can excitedly say a lack of discipline is not one of them – yet. First, we’ve been busy welcoming a new little one to our home. Second, it entered my mind to consider whether or not I might be infringing on copyright as I post lengthier excerpts from these works.

A quick Google search showed me that copyright of all Oswald Chambers’ writings is held by Oswald Chambers Publications Association, Ltd. I submitted an inquiry via their website questioning whether I might continue this journey of reading or whether they might have thoughts on some alternate approach to sharing my thoughts during this journey. I was encouraged to receive the following message from the chairman:

Dear Joshua,

Many thanks for your email and query. So glad you are being blessed by the words of Oswald Chambers. Normally anyone can quote from an author providing it is no more than 6 lines of text. You do not need permission for that. But I notice you are blogging which I assume has a limited readership – so in one sense you are not publishing for gain. So I think you are quite safe if you keep to a reasonable length of quote.

I trust the Lord will help your ministry.

Now to keep in consideration that “reasonable length of quote” both for copyright considerations and for the palatability of my posts. I’m currently working my way through another book and continue to tweet small pieces as I do. Onward and in word we go.

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