Come, My beloved. Rest here ‘neath the weathered tree. Let us keep time with these falling leaves. May they remind you that a great many things will fade. Yet, My truth – My word to you shall remain. Like an oak – sure through the storm. Look up. Do you see? I shelter thee. Do you see the first stars piercing the deepening light? Let them remind you that the glory-glimpses you’ve seen here on earth are but the beginning of that which is to come. As that vast field of heavenly lights invades the night, so shall My glory eternally overcome. Though there is darkness and dying, be assured that My word will never fail. Light and life shall again reign in this place. Content thyself, My child. Keep watch and know that I’ll rouse thee at the burning edge of dawn. I’ll raise thee and into eternal day lead thee home again to me.

Inspired by autumn and by these two songs: