I was admitted to the ER last night. All is well. Over the past few days, I’d been experiencing some pesky chest pain. Mostly surface stuff that seemed like muscle strains. The intensity would change depending on my position, or whether I was standing, or sitting, or moving, or breathing. And it would jump from place to place on my chest. I just felt tense & tight. It was nothing too troubling. It would keep me short of breath at times. Two nights ago, it seemed to get at me a bit more. Mornings were better. Yesterday afternoon, it intensified again and felt as if it may have been coming from a bit deeper. I just felt off. Finally decided I should have it checked out and so went in last night. I’d been figuring it was either stress related or related to coming down from some time of stress. After all the tests came back clear, the doctors told me the same last night. They say I’m healthy (except maybe some stress) and suggested I get a stress test and consult with my regular doctor. I’m hoping to do that. Unfortunately, it’s shaping up to be more stressful to schedule a stress test!