As a young boy, I always wanted to be an astronaut. It was my dream to be the first man on Mars. It has thrilled me to follow and celebrate the recent accomplishments of SpaceX and Blue Origin. To witness advances in the field of space exploration is truly a wonder. Some months ago, Aelah and I packed and planned for a trip to the moon. The beyond still strangely captivates me.

Thirty years ago today, we witnessed a tragic event. I watched the video today and was so moved. You would think such an event would dissuade the dreams of a little boy, but it only fueled them. Today, we remember The Challenger and her crew. She lived up to her name and has been challenging our dreams for 30 years. In memoriam of this event, look up, post a photo of the sky and tag it #ChallengerSky. Godspeed today.