Because of popular news’ oft bias-laden sensationalism, I had no desire to watch the investigative videos regarding Planned Parenthood. Then, feeling the need for some sense of objectivity as I see comments posted here and there, I watched a few. There are times when words fail. This was a time when words fail – a time of silence. Voices have been silenced.

I don’t know what much I can write to process the heart-wrenchingness. Whether Planned Parenthood is actually selling baby parts or, in some twisted way, enabling research is beside the point for me. There is evil afoot and I mourn for the lostness of our society. I will likely not watch any more videos that may be released. I don’t need to gaze upon such evil.

However, there are two things I do want to share with you.

One. It tore me inside to one day be opening our envelope to the celebration of another boy, only to hear those same words (in a video) a few days later as a lab tech sifted through the remains of someone else’s little baby boy.

Two. With the raw and ugly reality of abortion being thrust before us, I think again and again of those women and men who have, once upon a time, made the choice to abort their child. If their moral compass has since been set aright, they are likely suffering – being weighed ever more with guilt, shame, and regret. Pray for these people! May they know forgiveness, consolation, and peace in Jesus.