Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. – Jesus

What does it take to make a Christian? Oswald Chambers tackles this question in this little pamphlet. If we had to distill his message, I think this verse from Matthew might do so best. Being a Christian is not about sincerity, temperament, decisions, determination, or emotion. It is about a brokenness that finds healing in Jesus and a new Spirit that invades our lives. It is about humility and servitude – the taking on of the mind of Christ. It is about a sure foundation not of our own making.

Throughout this work, Chambers turns our thoughts to a way of poverty & depravity. He speaks of man reaching a “moral frontier of need” – that point of knowing we are powerless to realize the ideals we espouse. It is in emptiness that we are filled. It is in brokenness that we are made whole. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, we know freedom and truth.

The making of a Christian is in the breaking of a man.

Reflect On Matthew 5:3
Praise God that He is ever-creative.
Offer Thanks that Jesus has swung wide the gates of the Kingdom and has shown us the way.
Confess your selfish striving to “keep it all together” on your own.
Ask God to break your heart for spiritual poverty into which we have all been born.
Comment: How can being poor in spirit reshape one’s life?


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