Are we going with Jesus in the life we are living now?

This question is hammered deep in the pages of this little pamphlet. This morning at the Prayer League, we were again discussing transitions (we’ve plenty on the horizon). Chuck led us in reminiscing on past directors of the mission and in celebration of God’s faithfulness through the years. We gave thanks for the unique offerings of each preceding director and the way they held to Jesus. Chuck cautioned us on how easily a fellowship can be beset and molested by peripheral concerns during times of transition.

Watch when God shifts your circumstances and see whether you are going with Jesus or siding with the world, the flesh and the devil. We wear His badge, but are we going with Him? (p. 18)

Then, Chuck exhorted us to, in all things, keep with Jesus. This must be our one thing. I pray this be our one thing.

Chambers begins this piece by delving into the topics of blamelessness and fault in the life of those reborn. He addresses the work of sanctification and being without censure before God. He writes of our daily “going out” as Abraham did – even in the “not knowing.” He then moves on to our keeping to they way as we go. It is in glorious surrender that we are made one with Christ and of the same mind. It is the work of the Spirit and its end is that we are kept and keep with Jesus along every way. Let us, then, go out, not knowing the way – confident our God does.

Reflect On Jude 24-25
Luke 22:28-29
Praise God that He is greater than our temptations.
Offer Thanks for Jesus.
Confess every propensity to turn your eyes from Jesus.
Ask God to daily teach you His ways and draw you nearer His will.
Comment: How has “going with Jesus” and “keeping with Jesus” been in your life?
How are we able to keep ourselves abiding in that way – His way?


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