What is the meaning of life? This is the primary question that Oswald Chambers addresses in The Highest Good. Our conceptions of all things are meager, at best. Our perceptions of reality are finitely bound. At its core, faith is a simple thing.

How long does it take us to know what the true meaning of our life is? One half second.

So, what is the meaning of life? Consider these thoughts. (Click the tweet to read on Twitter or click to reveal the excerpts below.)

Whether we live for the Highest Good does not depend on our understanding, but on whether we have the life of the Highest Good in us.

The one great enemy of discipleship to Jesus Christ is spiritual obstinacy, the emphatic ‘I won’t’ which runs all through.

Preaching precepts while we ignore the Cross of Jesus Christ is like giving a pill to cure an earthquake.

We laugh at the Bible idea of righteousness; our god is the conventional righteousness of the society to which we belong.

To stand true to Christ’s point of view means ostracism, the ostracism that was brought on Him; most of us know nothing whatever about it.

The reason we do not see the need to be born from above is that we have a vast capacity for ignoring facts.

Our Lord centred His most scathing teaching [around] money & marriage, because they are the two things that make men and women devils or saints.

Jesus saw in money a much more formidable enemy of the Kingdom of God than we are apt to recognize it to be.

The more we try to reconcile modern principles of economy with the teachings of Jesus, the more we shall have to disregard Jesus.

It may be hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven, but it is just as hard for a poor man to seek first the kingdom of God.

We won’t accept the responsibility of life as God gives it, we only accept responsibility as we wish to take it.

[Jesus] thoroughly realized, from first to last, that He had a work to do, so accurately arranged and fitted to the length of His life that every hour had its own part of the whole to clear off, and He was not allowed either to anticipate or lag behind. —James Stalker

If we try and live the life Jesus Christ lived, modern civilization will fling us out like waste material.


Jesus Christ will not water down His teaching to suit our weakness.

The Lord can never make a saint out of a good man, He can only make a saint out of three classes of people—the godless man, the weak man, and the sinful man, and no one else.

Men living in sin don’t know anything about it. Sin destroys the capacity of knowing what sin is.

We gloss over our Lord’s actions with our civilized conceptions and destroy the meaning of His Gospel.

Unfold a scheme, dream, theory, long-cherished recollection within the reach of a man who loves destruction, & he will reduce it to nothing.

Lord, let our soul’s life after all these years rise stronger, wiser, cleaner for its tears.


Are we postured in such a way to know this – to believe it? When Jesus says that the Kingdom belongs to the poor in spirit, do we yearn for such a poorness? The highest good can only be grasped by the humble spirit. This is the way of the cross – the way of all who would follow Jesus.

Reflect On 1 Corinthians 2:14, Revelation 3:17, and John 17:3
Praise God that He is good.
Offer Thanks that there is meaning to life.
Confess any penchant for self-sufficiency.
Ask God to draw you deeper into Himself and into His way.
Comment: What is meant by attaining the excellency of a broken heart?


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