We’ve been so wonderfully occupied this past week, that I have only posted a brief birth announcement for Isaiah. Some of you might be eager for more photos of this little guy. (click to enlarge)

Isaiah arrived earlier than expected, but we couldn’t be more overjoyed at having him join our family. We want to express many thanks to those who have come alongside us in these days. Carol, Pascal, & Jenna took on the task of keeping Aelah & Simeon during our repeated visits to the clinic and hospital. Others covered their responsibilities. Papa & Nana took a long trip only to patiently wait for some time alone with this little guy. They also kept watch over Aelah & Simeon and assisted around our home as Adrienne & I gave our attention to Isaiah. Mark & Sarah offered use of a baby car seat as ours is not rated for wee ones below five pounds. Grammy Cheryl flew up earlier this week and has been a great help with the kids and with putting our house in order. Others have brought meals. Still, many others have prayed for us all, sent words of encouragement, etc. I am certain others have done there part and I have overlooked them here. We are members of a great and wonderful fellowship. We thank you all!