I took a walk late this afternoon and decided to check the backside of the coach house. We recently had a partial collapse of a wall shared by the Prayer League and our neighboring organization. It calls for quite a restoration. Only after taking this photo did I notice the light breaking through. Pray that even in this unfortunate situation, God’s light might break through finding opportunity to make His glory known. And pray for our properties manager, as he works to resolve the issue.

I also saw these apartment buildings during my walk. Had to stop and get a picture. Reminded me that there is much of this city that I have yet to experience. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and hope I can keep myself to task about biking to work regularly. A great opportunity to drink in the beauty of the city.

We’ve also been spending time with Adrienne’s grandparents. They arrived Monday afternoon and have been having a joyous time with Aelah and Simeon. Now, on into the week!