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Easter Day

Life! This day reminds us that we Christians ought to live as resurrection people, for we have a God that raises people from the dead! He is victorious. He is risen. We had a wonderful day at Bethel and a blessed time of fellowship with Grammy Cheryl, Michael, Christa, and the Waits. Here’s a few […]

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In the Church

Prepping for Good Friday service this evening, we were to give Aelah a bath. If you haven’t heard, she’s begun talking (still with much babbling). So, in talking of church and baths, she asked, “Bubbles in the church?” When she caught us laughing, she kept on, “Bubbles in the church?” Then later “Jamas in the […]

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The Light Breaking Through

I took a walk late this afternoon and decided to check the backside of the coach house. We recently had a partial collapse of a wall shared by the Prayer League and our neighboring organization. It calls for quite a restoration. Only after taking this photo did I notice the light breaking through. Pray that […]

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Winter On

Winter is still on here in Minnesota. I had to take the Jeep in for repair this morning. The Check Engine light is now returning multiple codes. Took the bus back to the office after dropping the Jeep at Nghia’s. My walk took me by the sculpture garden. A beautiful sight to see fresh snow […]

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