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Holiday Fellowship

We had a weekend full of fellowship and holiday happenings. Friday Adam, Pascal, Jenna, and I joined a small gathering of folks at Mary Bull’s home for a chili dinner and a time of worship in song. It’s been quite some time since we’ve had opportunity for that – such a wonderful time. And many […]

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Withholding Explanation

Aelah is in an inquisitive prime these days. It seems that most any imperative or question from us evokes a probing, defiant, and persistent, “Why?” Most often I find myself trying to satiate her wonderings with reason and logic. Though probably healthy for her to some degree, I am also finding that this does not […]

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Since our family’s return from Indiana, I’ve encountered a good deal of unproductivity. A full day’s work has been quite elusive. At least no full day according to what I’ve come to know as a standard day in the Prayer League office. Repairing the jeep, mending crippled servers, and any number of other things has interrupted normal operations. […]

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We spent Saturday night at Whitewater State Park in Altura, MN. This destination had been recommended to us on various occasions and we’d been hoping to get there for the past two to three years. Many thanks to Micah & Christine who reserved a site for the night. Unfortunately, they were unable to make it […]

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In the Church

Prepping for Good Friday service this evening, we were to give Aelah a bath. If you haven’t heard, she’s begun talking (still with much babbling). So, in talking of church and baths, she asked, “Bubbles in the church?” When she caught us laughing, she kept on, “Bubbles in the church?” Then later “Jamas in the […]

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The Light Breaking Through

I took a walk late this afternoon and decided to check the backside of the coach house. We recently had a partial collapse of a wall shared by the Prayer League and our neighboring organization. It calls for quite a restoration. Only after taking this photo did I notice the light breaking through. Pray that […]

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Remembering Baptism

There is a wonder in every way of God. We remember His work wrought in the water two years ago today. It is Aelah’s baptism birthday today. Baptism is one of several, beautiful, God-ordained mysteries that has always tripped me up a bit. Mysteries are like that. This beautiful, simple splashing of water and this […]

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Honing Skills

As you can see from the image and the video, Aelah has been busy honing her skills and exercising both sides of her brain. This morning she was reconstructing the layout of our dining room. Whether she had the mind toward interior design or architectural drafting is yet to be determined. And last night, as […]

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Retreat & Focus

These past two weekends, we have had opportunity for fellowship with folks within the Prayer League community. Both weekends saw us at camps. Last weekend, we traveled to Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp in Iowa for the annual Okoboji mission event and heard stories from our fellow workers serving throughout the world. It was a generationally […]

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3 Stitches

Aelah had a run in with her bed frame today as rest time began. She’s in great spirits and did very well throughout the procedure. She cried briefly when she was hurt and then cried no more except as we had to leave the hospital. And, with all the crazy cold we’ve had, I think […]

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Cousins, Here I Come

We are set to leave for Indiana in just a couple hours. Excited to be with family for the holidays. Don’t know that I ever posted this video of Aelah from a couple months back … checking up on the cousins. Look forward to seeing you all soon!

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The Toilet Seat Saga

The past day or two have been quite an adventure. In addition to the regular happenings of transitioning to life with two children, we have decided Aelah may be ready for potty training. We began today and are trying the intense 3 day boot camp approach. First, however, we needed a potty seat. Adrienne purchased […]

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