We had a weekend full of fellowship and holiday happenings.


Adam, Pascal, Jenna, and I joined a small gathering of folks at Mary Bull’s home for a chili dinner and a time of worship in song. It’s been quite some time since we’ve had opportunity for that – such a wonderful time. And many thanks to Adrienne who would have loved to join, but manned the home front with the kids.


We traveled to Krueger Christmas Tree Farm with Adam, Pascal, and Jenna and hunted down some of the cheapest trees we could find. It was a beautiful day for walking the fields! After returning home and enjoying a soup lunch, Hannah and the Lackey girls joined us for the making of Grittibänz and a couple games of Brändi Dog (very similar to Partners – for those who have played).


Worship at Bethel on Sunday morning. I think it has been a few weeks since we’ve attended, so it was certainly nice to be there again. We did a bit of napping in the afternoon, decorated the tree, and set up the nativity. Aelah has been quite excited to care for baby Jesus. She says, “He has a belly button just like I have a belly button.” Unfortunately, he broke this morning. 🙁