Hello, family, friends, and fellow workers. I wanted to write and give you an update on what has been occupying my time of late and what is on the horizon. In part, this is to inform you (esp. those whom might be directly affected by some of these upcoming projects – i.e. home office staff). In other part, this is to put things in order for myself as I work to efficiently tackle the workload and attempt to set most of it aside for the coming days and enjoy a holiday unhindered with stresses related to the work I do here in Minneapolis. So, what have I been up to of late and what awaits upon my return? Here’s a quick, non-comprehensive, and little detailed list.

Day to Day Responsibilities

  • Daily prayer for the work of WMPL and the greater work of God among us and through us.
  • Technical support (office & personal hardware, software, and network troubleshooting & training)
  • Social media management (Twitter, Facebook, & Google+)
  • Coffee drinking
  • Website maintenance (development, updates, content, & moderation)
  • Organizational communications (encouraging, training, and assisting fellow workers in eCommunications)

Current Projects

  • Assisting in the research, purchase, & installation of printers to replace those nearing end-of-life.
  • Configuring a new web server and migrating our current sites.
  • Make forms, policies, and procedures available online.
  • Preparing for configuration and deployment of a new office file server.
  • Preparing for an overhaul of office computers with updated operating system, suite of standard applications, and configuration to connect with the new office file server and printers.
  • Develop a strategy and infrastructure for file management and accessibility
  • Develop a strategy for long-term social media messaging.

And, etc., etc.

In addition to these things, I have been trying to devote a little time each day toward organizing my personal computer so that I can be much more efficient and effective in accomplishing the grander tasks. I’ve been deleting many email messages, consolidating task lists, attempting personal file management, and other such things.

Please, please, pray with and for me as many of these tasks can seem daunting and there are number for which I feel only marginally qualified. Thank God for Google! I probably average 25-30 searches per day. Someone’s got to know how to do this stuff and I’m slowly learning.

Pray specifically …

  • … for transition to this new web server. We’ve been sitting on the possibility of this migration for a few months and only now has our consultant become available to assist me. Unfortunately, I will be leaving not two days after the migration, so I do hope all is smooth and there is little need for tending during our families time in Indiana.
  • … that I might remain focused. Staring a computer (esp. code & command line) for extended time takes its toll. I certainly feel worn quite often. My body also takes its share of aging as I sit.
  • … that the cold weather does not keep Pascal, Adam, and I from our regular ping-pong games in the garage. These rendezvous do both my mind and body good.
  • … that I might be disciplined in retreat. I need more of the Word.
  • … that I might retain an energy store for Adrienne, Aelah, and Simeon.

Thank you, thank you for the many prayers you do offer and for the encouragement I receive.

May you, also, be able to lay aside your worries and daily demands during these coming days. And, as our director, Chuck prayed this morning – may He prepare your hearts as though they were mangers. Such is my desire for this holiday season.

The following phrase came to my mind as I meditated the other morning. May it give you focus this day.

Lord, wrest my heart from cares of this world, that I might rest in You.

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