The past day or two have been quite an adventure. In addition to the regular happenings of transitioning to life with two children, we have decided Aelah may be ready for potty training. We began today and are trying the intense 3 day boot camp approach. First, however, we needed a potty seat. Adrienne purchased one from Target which ended up not fitting in the hole of our toilet seat. And thus began the toilet seat saga. I visited Ace Hardware (w/ our new potty seat) looking for a new toilet seat. Little success, as all toilet seats are wrapped pretty well. We did pull one from a box … it didn’t work. And so, later in the day, Aelah and I visited Target to return the potty seat Adrienne purchased, then to Babies ‘R Us for another (slim pickings), then ice cream on the way home. The one I chose still did not fit. So, back to Target and purchased a new toilet seat and potty seat … they work. Too easy.

And so today began potty training … lots of ‘accidents’ around the house. Lots of potty talk. And finally a poop in the potty just before bed time! Pray the coming days find us sane and Aelah a bit more trained. Thanks!