Since our family’s return from Indiana, I’ve encountered a good deal of unproductivity. A full day’s work has been quite elusive. At least no full day according to what I’ve come to know as a standard day in the Prayer League office. Repairing the jeep, mending crippled servers, and any number of other things has interrupted normal operations. Frustrating as this may seem, I’ve been trying to remind myself that such is the way of work. Wherever God has me and whatever He has for me to do today, I will do my best to embrace.

I replaced the radiator on our ’95 Cherokee, but just yesterday the Jeep began hiccuping after entering 4th gear. Thoughts on that?

Whether it be software conflicts, aging machines, wonky routers, or whatever, the office network has been going haywire, shutting down our website at times. Prayers for patience, please.

We’ve recently discovered lead in our home. Some weeks ago, Simeon tested high, so we’ve been investigating and have encountered positive results on the front porch, back stairway, and the kitchen. We have decided to move, for the time being, to the Philippines (not the country – the Mission Home room) until some repairs may be had.

Though I’m scattered, Jesus centers. Lord, lead on.

And, thankfully, we have still found family time.

Please, ask the Lord that He might provide for our every need this day and that He might guide and direct us in whatever is laid ahead.