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Waiting on Baby

It seems like it has come up on us pretty quick (although, Adrienne may say different). Pip II is almost here. This past week or so kind of has us twiddling our thumbs … just waiting. Adrienne has done a good deal of nesting. Full cupboards of food and clean floors. This baby is sure […]

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A New Song

Yes, we have a piano. For some time, I have been wanting to return to the ivories. Periodically, I’ve been checking the craigslist free items. It’s actually quite surprising the number of pianos that are available for the taking. I suppose in an increasingly mobile culture, people get tired of moving pianos. Aelah, having toyed […]

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Glimpses of Aelah

Flying the kite on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Her flutter-tongue crying — endearing, until she ramps up the intensity. No stranger to technology, she is learning young … tapping daddy’s iPhone. 3 @hkk e yvyhqwjkdfpxny (Aelah's 1st tweet. #14mo) — Ua Vandercar (@UaMV) April 26, 2013

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