New Toy by Jarryd Doyle • @ThisIsDoyle

New Toy
by Jarryd Doyle • @ThisIsDoyle

Yes, we have a piano. For some time, I have been wanting to return to the ivories. Periodically, I’ve been checking the craigslist free items. It’s actually quite surprising the number of pianos that are available for the taking. I suppose in an increasingly mobile culture, people get tired of moving pianos.

Aelah, having toyed with the pianos at WMPL and at church, took well to the new addition.

Many thanks to our friends, Dieter, Jarryd, and Jake for the assistance in hauling it Tuesday afternoon. Afterwards, we partook of good company & meal.

In the midst of our move, Jake mentioned he’d hoped to find a piano for their home. Another quick visit to craigslist and we were on our way to haul another piano this morning!

Thanking God for His provision and offering our song to Him. Now, simply to re-learn. Oh, and if you have a song to share, drop in any time.