It seems like it has come up on us pretty quick (although, Adrienne may say different). Pip II is almost here. This past week or so kind of has us twiddling our thumbs … just waiting. Adrienne has done a good deal of nesting. Full cupboards of food and clean floors.

Baby bump

Making an impact!

This baby is sure to make a new impact on our lives and I think we’re ready. Aelah has been adventurous this past week. Exploring the idea of running and has taken a few leaps/falls off of our bed, the pews at church (full contact liturgy, as one friend said), and a few headers into the ground, as she gets ahead of herself running. We’re pretty certain she also knows that big changes are on the way. She’s been waking in the wee hours of morning (three/four) wanting us. We’ll be sure to keep you updated and will be excited to introduce you to the new one! Blessings on your day!