We traveled to Indiana during the days surrounding Christmas. You may have heard that it was quite an adventure – it was! Simeon came down with a fever the evening before our departure. He went downhill quickly and began to take Aelah with him. After powering through a joyful gathering with my siblings at Lakeview, we spent 4 hours making our way through an urgent care clinic and skipping a family gathering. Simeon was diagnosed with an ear infection, conjunctivitis and congestion throughout his chest and head. Three days later on Christmas Eve, we took a family trip to the same urgent care and all came home with new/renewed antibiotic prescriptions. Sadly, we attended no worship services during the season. As we neared the end of the week and we were all still somewhat sick, we decided to skip out on a final family gathering and get ourselves home early.

Still, amidst the hacking, sneezing, and sleepless nights, we did enjoy our time with family! Here’s only a few photos from the week. I realize only now that I didn’t get my phone out all that much.

And, that was Christmas. Thankful that our family was able to keep a good focus on baby Jesus, even amidst such secularization of this holy celebration. I’m ready for radical change when it comes to Christian commemorations. Our traditions must be resurrected and reformed.

We hope you and yours have had opportunity to rest with the blessed news of God among us as 2014 came to a close. Peace.