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The Christmas We Were All Ill

We traveled to Indiana during the days surrounding Christmas. You may have heard that it was quite an adventure – it was! Simeon came down with a fever the evening before our departure. He went downhill quickly and began to take Aelah with him. After powering through a joyful gathering with my siblings at Lakeview, we spent […]

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Recent Travels of Summer '14

We’ve been traveling of late. In July I joined a crew from Bethel in visiting the community of Cat Lake, Ontario. (which reminds me that I need to request an edit on my passport) Oddly enough, it was the first time I left the country since having returned from New Dawn’s visit to Hong Kong during the […]

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Christmas 2013

The Minnesota Vanderclan took a quick trip to Indiana this past week. Long trip down, long trip back, and much joy had in the meantime! We opted for a somewhat lighter schedule of events than we have had in past years and are healthier for it. So thankful for the many folks we were able […]

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