Welcome, friends and family! This is the most recent chapter in our story … we invite you in …

Over the past several years, we have been blessed by our involvement with so many different communities … Intervarsity, Campus Crusade, Camp Lutherhaven, Camp Lakeview, Grace Lutheran, Shepherd of the Hills, Youth Encounter, Camp Wapo, Ox Lake, Luther Dell, and Bethel Lutheran, among others.

For some time now, Adrienne and i have sensed a desire to serve in overseas mission work and have been seeking to involve ourselves with an organization that might lead us to such service. In January, i happened upon an online job posting for an Electronic Media Coordinator with the World Mission Prayer League. Having enjoyed such work, simply as a hobby, i was intrigued by the opportunity to utilize these skills in a more professional manner. Even more so, this seemed like it might be a natural stepping stone towards future missionary service overseas.

Adrienne and i both had some exposure to WMPL, as Chuck Lindquist, the Director of Missions, had led a cross-cultural session during our training for service with Youth Encounter. Additionally, we have recently been following the missionary work of Luke S. and his family in the Philippines. Adrienne had attended grade school with Luke and served alongside him at Camp Lakeview for a summer. In all our initial contact with WMPL, we had gained a great respect for the integrity, mission, and passion of the organization. As we considered the opportunity to join WMPL in service, i read through the Mission Handbook and was overwhelmed by the Biblical values and principles evident in their operation of and vision for mission.

My initial meetings with WMPL staff were interrupted by demanding projects at Youth Encounter and the birth of Aelah. Then, in March, after a few meetings with WMPL leadership and much prayer, an invitation to apply for missionary candidacy was offered. We gladly accepted. Application was made, and on May 16, our call to candidacy for missionary service was confirmed by the WMPL directorate.

How fitting that confirmation of this call should fall on Grandma Elser’s birthday. She was a prayer warrior and i am told she prayed that we might one day serve in full-time missionary service. Here we are, Lord.

On June 1, i completed three years of employment in the office of Youth Encounter. On June 2, our family joined the fellowship of World Mission Prayer League, traveling to camp in Wisconsin for an annual briefing course. Last week, we moved to downtown Minneapolis into housing provided by the Prayer League. This week, i began work in the home office. For now, here we serve. May we keep attuned to God’s guiding.

Aelah is blessed to be growing in such an environment. We are thankful. As you can see, at just under four months, she is now folding her hands. i’m certain she’s already learned a thing or two from this community of prayers.

If you would like to know more about WMPL, how you can become involved, or how you can be praying for our family, please visit the pages linked above. Thank you for your friendship, your prayers, and your encouraging support.  May our Lord bless you coming and your going!