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How the Sun Was Brough Back to the Sky Cover

How a Book Was Brought Back to My Memory

I’m not quite certain how or why the memory of this book came to mind over the past weeks, but I am most pleased that it has. During a recent Twitter conversation, I was asked for children’s book suggestions and it again entered my mind. I do know that the memory came only as a hazy recollection […]

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His Story Unites Us

For nearly 50 years, Youth Encounter has partnered with Christian communities to strengthen youth ministry. Today, we are able to look back on and celebrate countless stories of transformation within the lives of young people, families, churches, and communities. These are the stories of God at work among His people. Through all, runs the thread of the love of […]

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Grilled Cheese & Hot Cocoa

Sixty-nine years today. We celebrated with a victory meal of grilled cheese & hot cocoa. We even dipped our sandwiches. Aunt Nancy tells it best. (excerpt below) I will admit there was one combination that even though I loved, I never really understood how the two went together. It was the nights we would have grilled […]

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Peace Child: 50 Years

Have you stopped lately to consider the untamed power of the Gospel at work in our world? It is real. It is good. He is real. He is good. God gave His only Son, Jesus, that we might know peace on earth. Would you give your child for the cause of reconciliation? We watched this […]

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A Praying Family

Welcome, friends and family! This is the most recent chapter in our story … we invite you in … Over the past several years, we have been blessed by our involvement with so many different communities … Intervarsity, Campus Crusade, Camp Lutherhaven, Camp Lakeview, Grace Lutheran, Shepherd of the Hills, Youth Encounter, Camp Wapo, Ox […]

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The Night of the Fire

This pictures was taken shortly after I said, I put way too much batter on that pizza stone.  I think we’re going to have a grease fire. This is the soon-to-be-on-fire cookie pizza, in all its glory.  The next part is not illustrated.  It’s the part where the kitchen started to fill w/ smoke, Ua […]

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