Sixty-nine years today. We celebrated with a victory mealĀ of grilled cheese & hot cocoa. We even dipped our sandwiches. Aunt Nancy tells it best. (excerpt below)

I will admit there was one combination that even though I loved, I never really understood how the two went together. It was the nights we would have grilled cheese and homemade cocoa made on the stove.

I was always a little grossed out, cause Dad would take his grilled cheese and dip it in the cocoa.

I am interviewing and video taping my dad for his 80th birthday video. He answers most questions by shrugging his shoulders and nodding yes or no…real captivating material! We are talking about his time as a POW. He as usual, does not have much to say. He tells me what they ate. He tells me that they slept on wood bunks and shared blankets. He tells me about a radio that they hid in the latrine. I ask him what the May 8th was like, the day that the war ended. He tells me that they woke up and all the Germans were gone and the gates were open. He tells everyone wanted to go across the street to a barn where they knew the Germans were stockpiling Red Cross packages, but everyone was afraid that it was a trap or a trick that the Germans were playing. He tells me that the trucks come and give them the good news that the War is over. He tells me that they were given their first real meal and they all thought they would eat and eat and eat, but they could hardly finish one sandwich cause their stomachs had shrunk so much. I ask him what they were fed. He tells me “grilled cheese and hot cocoa.”

Thank you, grandpa.