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The Sin of Prayerlessness

Have you ever considered prayerlessness as sin? The prayerlessness found in our lives and that which is definitive of many churches is just that – sin.   I think, too often, we consider prayer as a discipline to be mastered. It is nothing of the sort. It is simply a life lived in relationship — an evidence […]

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An Invitation…For Us, For You

In June of 2012 our family joined the greater World Mission Prayer League family when the Directorate invited us to become Missionary Candidates.  Yesterday, we had the privilege of appearing before the WMPL Home Council and were officially invited to join them, no longer as “candidates,” but as full time Missionaries, currently assigned to the […]

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Inquisitional Prayer

When the psalmists sung and when Job tussled with the sovereignty of God, they conversed not in mere acquiescence. Prayer is inquisitional. Inquisitional inquiring deeply or searchingly of a harsh, difficult, or prolonged questioning In using the word ‘inquisitional’ in description of prayer, i mean simply these two things: to acknowledge and respond (in silence, […]

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Wild Prayer

When Elijah bravely and boldly faced the priestly gathering upon the high place, it was no tame task in which he participated. Prayer is wild. Wild living in a state of nature; not tame showing lack of restraint or control Our God is in the business of wildly bestowing grace upon His children. When we […]

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Shining Cross

Dangerous Prayer

When Daniel faithfully fell to his knees in the foreign land of Babylon, it was no safe task to which he set himself. Prayer is dangerous. Dangerous perilous; risky; hazardous; unsafe. able or likely to cause physical injury Daniel determined to keep his God before all others. Disciplined, he prayed daily and often to the […]

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Difficult Prayer

When our Lord Jesus set foot in the garden on the night before His death, it was no easy task that awaited Him. Prayer is difficult. Difficult not easily or readily done; requiring much labor, skill, or planning to be performed successfully hard to understand or solve Do you remember Jesus that night? He had […]

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Now This Is Prayer

Years i have walked with Jesus. i ought to know this one thing … when we simply open our eyes, there is Jesus; when we attune our ears, there is sounding the voice of God; and, when we still our souls, we are prone to know the One with such a glorious name – I […]

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Lifting the Nations

During our initial days in fellowship with the Prayer League, we heard much regarding the work that is being done throughout the world by WMPL missionaries.  And we prayed for that work.  Through this practice of daily, consistent, and intensive prayer, i was inspired to write the following song.  May it encourage you to lift […]

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A Praying Family

Welcome, friends and family! This is the most recent chapter in our story … we invite you in … Over the past several years, we have been blessed by our involvement with so many different communities … Intervarsity, Campus Crusade, Camp Lutherhaven, Camp Lakeview, Grace Lutheran, Shepherd of the Hills, Youth Encounter, Camp Wapo, Ox […]

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