EnaReleasing children from poverty, in Jesus’ name!

Adrienne and I have talked from time to time about sponsoring a child with Compassion International. We’ve held off doing so for a while now, knowing that we wanted Aelah to be at an age where she could be more invested in the relationship. I think it also got pushed to the wayside with the other cares of life vying for our attentions.

Yesterday was Compassion Sunday and I was prompted to revisit our desire to sponsor a child. So, upon returning home, we searched the Compassion site and found Ena, a young girl of six years living in Guatemala, who shares a birthday with Aelah. Her father is a bricklayer and her mother is employed in domestic work. She has three siblings. Thus begins our adventure into sponsorship with Compassion!

Have any thoughts to share with us regarding your experience in sponsoring a child?

Or, if you don’t sponsor a child, we recommend you consider doing so today.