Ramadan began yesterday. Were you aware? As Christians, how can we rightly observe Ramadan? We can pray. Will you observe this month in prayer? If we are the children of God, we ought to be about His mission. And, if we are the friends of Jesus, we ought to be about His redeeming and reconciliatory work.

This article made me reflect again on how I have too often failed to initiate relationship and conversation with my fellow man. How I have failed to educate myself about the life lived by my neighbor. How I have failed to pray in a revolutionary way. How I have failed to remain attentive to His work at hand. Here’s an excerpt:

What if Christians fervently prayed during the month of Ramadan that God would reveal Himself to Muslims in this time of seeking? What if we covered millions of fasting Muslims with 30 days of intense intercession that something would happen in their spiritual search? Believing in the power of prayer, could we not expect God to respond to our heartfelt burden for the lost millions of the world?

It is tragic that we should be so wrapped up in our self-interests and provincial worldview that we would be indifferent to more than a billion followers of Islam in the world that are dying without Christ, but, perhaps unintentionally, this month are seeking what only He can provide. We are repulsed by a religion that seems to justify terrorism and suicide bombers committed to the destruction of life, but don’t we realize that Jesus is the answer? Rather than hardening our hearts and dismissing their lostness to the judgment of God as something they deserve, we should plead for their hearts to be open to God revealing Himself.

God has given us a great voice in prayer – a voice that, in Jesus, reaches His ear. He is listening. Pray His Spirit on the move and His Kingdom come this Ramadan. Make us bold, Lord.

Here’s a great guide if you’d like some direction.