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On This MLK Day

This article, The Degenerating Notion of Nobodiness, is brilliantly written. In his letter from a Birmingham jail, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. responded to fellow American clergy who were asking him to wait for a better time to pursue the cause of justice in the South. “Perhaps it is easy for those who have never felt the […]

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I only just installed Currently, a Chrome extension, this morning, but am finding it to be a more pleasant and useful experience than the default New Tab screen. Rarely would I use the recent tabs provided on the default screen. Currently, however, is a nice way to regularly track the current time as I work – keeping me […]

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How Christians Can Rightly Observe Ramadan

Ramadan began yesterday. Were you aware? As Christians, how can we rightly observe Ramadan? We can pray. Will you observe this month in prayer? If we are the children of God, we ought to be about His mission. And, if we are the friends of Jesus, we ought to be about His redeeming and reconciliatory […]

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NeuBible, with its focus on thoughtful design, is my new go-to Bible app. As excited as I am about the upcoming Bible app update from YouVersion, the speed, intuitiveness, and accessibility of NeuBible far surpass any other app I’ve tried – making it great for Bible studies, services, devotions, and general reading. I will still use YouVersion’s Bible app for […]

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