I recently happened upon this gif. If you’ve played in a certain crowd or have a certain temperament, you’ve maybe considered doing this same thing. It cracks me up! I get it. I used to approach games with a good deal of seriousness. I think I’ve matured and don’t know that I would ever again consider such a reaction – I certainly have in the past. Stumbling upon this got me thinking I could say a few words about board games.

Winter is nigh. This means cold and snow. This also means a likely increase in the frequency of our gaming. I’m sure not all too frequent with another baby in the home (less that one month!), but I am hoping we find time to gather with others for a game now and then.

I often snap a photo of the games we play, but rarely share. So, here are a few of the photos from game nights – just to give you a glimpse.

Have you played any of these? What favorite board games and card games do you have? Any stories to be told from gaming? Oh, and if you’re interested in a few new card games, you can check out these.