As we near the end of our Hoosier Summer Tour 2015, we were grateful to find our way finally to Fort Wayne. Mike and Ronda rented a house at which we stayed for the many weekend wedding festivities surrounding Sam & Molly’s wedding at Emmanuel Lutheran. Then, we were graciously hosted by our friends Jeremy and Katie on Sunday and Monday night. While in town, we were also able to reconnect with Adam & Meredith, Tommy & Laura, Brian & Emily, Celine, and the Jank family. Sorry if we missed you in our passing through. Here are only a few photos. I only now realize that we failed to grab photos when with most of our friends. I suppose the conversation had our attentions, which is a good thing.

We are so grateful for this time we’ve had here in Indiana. Many thanks to all who have housed us, fed us, and met us! Our return to Minnesota is imminent – less than one week now.