Thirty-six years ago today,’neath the roof of a small country church in Indiana, I was welcomed into the family of God. His water and Word claimed me as His own. And ever am I thankful! Today we celebrated with pumpkin pie. I thank God for His work in my life and pray that He might be nearer still … rather, that I might be nearer still to Him. Coming home from church today, this thought came to mind and dwells with me still tonight …

Let us not pray for answers. Rather, let us seek His heart.

Lars Olsen Skrefsrud

Lars Olsen Skrefsrud

Nearer to Thee, LORD … nearer to Thee.

Chuck also reminded us that, on this day in 1910, Lars Olsen Skrefsrud died. “A rowdy young, given to drink, carousing, and petty thievery,” redeemed for the work of the Gospel. A forefather in many ways of the Prayer League, we commemorate his death and praise God for his faithfulness to the mission call.

Join us today in celebrating the work of God in the lives of His people — His Church. For, indeed, the same grace that was poured upon the saints of old, is ours today. As baptized believers in Jesus the Messiah, we are children of a heavenly Father and agents of the Spirit’s work on Earth. Blessed be the name of the LORD!